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Program Features

  • Limited class size

  • Low child to teacher ratio

  • Outdoor Play

  • Field trips

  • Snack time

  • Holiday celebrations 

  • Family participation activities

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an integral part of Chapel Day's program. It should not be confused with recess or breaks, which are times away from the real work of the day. Under adult supervision, outdoor play provides the children with time for self-initiated, imaginative play with peers. It is a time for loud noises, running, and exercise of climbing, jumping, and moving together in groups. Children have the opportunity for more whole body play, which the limited space and structure of the indoor play areas precludes. Preparation for outdoor play is a time for practicing self-help skills, as children learn to identify their own clothing, put on clothing, zip and unzip jackets and eventually complete the process unassisted.

Field Trips

Trips to local areas and visits from community service individuals are activities that are very beneficial for young children and help make children aware of their environment and their community as well as teach lessons about life in general. We endeavor to plan our field trips to coincide with our weekly theme. The child’s parent or guardian is responsible for the safety and supervision of the child on all field trips.

Snack Time

Each class has group snack time. Our snack cupboard is stocked throughout the year by donations of healthy and nutritious snacks, like fresh fruits and vegetables, from our families. We avoid candy, cookies, and cupcakes, except for special occasions. Our classroom is a nut-free zone, and Chapel Day takes the utmost care to ensure that our children with food sensitivities have snacks that are healthy and safe for them. Snack time is important because we reinforce good social skills like sharing and using good manners.  Eventually, the children also learn how to master the skill of pouring their own beverage.

Holiday Parties

Chapel Day celebrates holidays with a party and special activities. We have a special treat at snack time, do themed crafts, learn holiday songs, and often perform a little show for parents and friends. At Christmas, Chapel Day invites family and friends to attend a special pizza dinner and watch the kids perform holiday songs. Someone special from the North Pole always comes to visit the children.

Family Participation

In addition to family involvement in holiday parties, Chapel Day invites families to participate in projects that focus on each child's individuality, like our Star of the Week project. We also invite a family member or special friend to share a treat and a story with the children during Special Someone Day and Tea for Two.  Siblings and former students come back to share stories too.

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